Janice Mazur California Appellate Attorney

For over twenty-five years, attorney Janice Mazur has successfully prosecuted and defended appeals in all of the California Courts of Appeal, including the California Supreme Court, as well as the Ninth Circuit Federal Court of Appeal and the U.S. Supreme Court. Her law practice is focused on legal research and the drafting of appeals, writs and motions.

The Appellate Process

The appellate process is quite different from the standard court case. There is no presentation of new testimony or evidence on appeal.  Rather, the appellate court is asked to evaluate the decision made by the lower court and ensure that the proceeding was fair. Specifically, the appellate court will uphold the lower court decision or reverse or modify it. The appellate process requires intensive research and a different set of skills than standard litigation. The final decision by the appellate court is based on the strength of the arguments made in the written briefs by the appeals attorney.

Attorney Janice Mazur has a track record of success in the appellate courts. For example, in Garibotti v. Hinkle, the Court of Appeal reinstated a vacated judgment of nearly $500,000 which, Janice argued, the lower court had lacked jurisdiction to vacate. In Rodriguez v. City of Santa Cruz, Janice obtained a reversal of the trial court’s denial of disability benefits for a Santa Cruz police officer who suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome.

Working with Attorney Janice Mazur

Clients who work with Janice Mazur are assured dedicated and personalized representation. Janice personally consults with each client throughout the course of the appeal and meticulously reviews the entire record, researches and analyzes the issues and drafts the briefs. She does not employ paralegals or law clerks. When clients want to discuss their case, they communicate directly with Janice.

Janice Mazur also provides affordable legal services. She realizes that many clients are working people who have often already been burdened with years of costly legal fees. By keeping her overhead low, she is able to provide both reasonable rates and uncompromised quality appellate representation.

A direct appeal is usually a litigant’s last realistic opportunity for vindication following a loss in the trial court.  The best chance for success in the appellate court is representation by an experienced appellate lawyer like Janice Mazur. Let her skills and experience work for you.

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