Janice Mazur

Court appearances are only part of any legal battle. If you start fighting early on from behind the scenes, you may be able to significantly shorten the length of the proceedings and greatly increase the chances of success. From the beginning of her legal career, attorney Janice Mazur understood the importance of well-researched and well-written legal documents, and found her passion in the research and writing of appeals, writs, and motions.

Putting Appellate Experience to Work for You

When you have lost your court case, it does not mean all hope is lost. Success in appeals is highly dependent upon finding the right legal precedents from past judicial decisions and persuading the appellate judges why those precedents apply, or don’t apply, to the case at hand.  This requires in-depth research and strong writing skills which many trial lawyers don’t have the time or experience to provide.  It also requires a fresh look at the issues.  After several years of litigation culminating in an unsuccessful result, many trial lawyers have lost their enthusiasm for a case and are unable or unwilling to continue on to the next phase.

Attorney Janice Mazur embraces the appeal process and the research that process entails. She takes great satisfaction in uncovering legal precedents from past cases that can aid her clients in their appeals. Once she finds the right precedent, she puts her talents to use in writing clear, easy-to understand briefs designed to achieve the outcome her clients desire. Whether you seek a reversal of your court decision, the upholding of the court’s decision, or a new trial, research and writing are crucial components for success. Janice Mazur knows that putting the right words on paper can reverse an unfair result or preserve a fair one. While she cannot guarantee your desired outcome, she puts her 25-plus years of appellate experience to work for each and every client, providing them with their best possible chance at success.

Your California Appellate Attorney

Because appeals require very few court appearances and briefs are submitted by mail or electronically, Janice Mazur serves clients throughout the state of California. She provides all her clients with one-to-one personal service and attention, getting to know each client and researching his or her case herself. She does all writing of appeals, writs, and motions, and answers all client questions and concerns personally.

Ms. Mazur understands that clients typically come to her after having spent several years in the court system. By keeping her overhead costs low and by drawing on the efficiency gained by researching and drafting hundreds of briefs in numerous areas of the law, she provides her clients representation at the best possible rates. Contact her today for a free consultation.

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