Consulting, Research and Motion Drafting Services for Attorneys

Attorney Janice Mazur offers a variety of research and motion drafting services for attorneys throughout California. She is consistently praised for her in-depth research and her attention to detail. With her help, trial counsel can increase the chances of obtaining successful outcomes, both in initial courtroom proceedings and in the appellate court. If you struggle to draft motions on your expedited timeline, get in touch with Janice Mazur to discuss your issues.

The Importance of High-Quality Motions and Early Court Victories

In any civil or criminal case, the best possible result is always a victory during the original proceeding. Often appeals are lost because the trial court record was inadequate or key issues were not preserved. Appellate losses frequently occur due to procedural errors at trial, such as failing to timely request a statement of decision. It is, therefore, imperative that trial lawyers consistently present their best cases to the lower courts. Thorough presentation of evidence, attention to procedure, and persuasive legal argument enhance the likelihood of success at the trial level. If, despite the best of efforts, the initial courtroom result is unfavorable, a strong record ensures the groundwork has been laid for a successful appeal.

Consulting, Research, and Motion Drafting

Harried trial attorneys engaged in the trench warfare of litigation often lack the time necessary to research and draft well-written and persuasive briefs and motions. If they arrive in court without thoroughly prepared motions, these lawyers may compromise their clients’ cases. Janice Mazur is available to consult with trial counsel at all stages of litigation. She offers research and drafting of all types of motions and can provide rush services when unanticipated issues arise during trial. Janice prides herself on having a solid base of trial counsel who regularly and exclusively use her services, both at the litigation and appeal stages. These legal professionals greatly appreciate the in-depth nature of the research Janice conducts, as well as the unparalleled quality of her drafted motions.

If your goal is to simplify the legal process and provide stronger representation for your civil or criminal clients, you can benefit greatly from Attorney Janice Mazur’s consulting, research, and motion drafting services. Reach out to Janice to learn more about how her assistance can help you and your valued clients secure favorable case resolutions.

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