Practice Areas

If you’re looking for a tenacious, intelligent, and experienced attorney who understands the nuances of appellate practice, call Janice Mazur to discuss your case. Janice has made an impressive impact within the areas of appeals and writs in criminal, civil, and administrative matters.

Appellate Experience

With over twenty-five years of experience in the appellate courts, Janice has well-honed research and writing skills which allow her to provide efficient and effective advocacy in a very broad range of legal subjects.  Her extensive experience includes criminal cases, family law, contract and business disputes, insurance, real estate, trusts and estates, disability claims, attorney malpractice, personal injury, and many other areas.

No matter what type of case you have, if you need an appeal, you need an experienced appellate attorney. Janice Mazur is dedicated to providing a comfortable and successful legal experience for each and every one of her clients, no matter the nature of the case.

Services for Attorneys

In addition to providing top-notch appellate representation to clients, Janice also offers consultation, research, and motion-drafting services to attorneys to further strengthen and solidify their cases.

By utilizing Janice’s formidable research and writing skills during the litigation stage, many trial attorneys have greatly increased their chances of persuading the trial judge in their client’s favor.  By presenting their strongest case in the trial court, a trial attorney may successfully avoid an appeal altogether, or leave their clients in a much stronger position in the event that either party appeals.

An Attorney You Can Trust

Honesty, integrity and accessibility, combined with strong skills and years of experience, have earned Janice Mazur the respect of her colleagues and the gratitude of her clients.  Whether you’re a potential client or a fellow attorney who needs to fortify your case, give Janice a call. She is a seasoned professional committed to providing top quality legal services and representation.

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